Simple Cabbage Soup

My Simple Cabbage Soup is so easy to make. It’s a great dinner with a slice of warm Honey Cornmeal Bread, especially on a cold Chicago night. I love the flavor combination and always make enough for leftovers. I use as many ¬†fresh ingredients in my cooking as I can and this soup is packed […]

Sweet Pineapple Preserves

I love pineapples. I buy them all the time. If you come over to my home you will see a pineapple on top of my fridge, just sitting there waiting to be eaten. Usually I just cut them up and eat them. I decided to try and make a jelly or fruit preserve from pineapple […]

Two Cheese Lasagna

  Lasagna. This is one of my families favorite meals. Served right from the oven with a nice loaf of homemade bread or as leftovers with some toasted garlic bread and a glass of red wine. You can never go wrong with lasagna. I still remember the first time I had lasagna. My sister and […]

Fresh Spicy Marinara Sauce

Today I made Fresh Spicy Marinara Sauce from scratch. I found some beautiful plum tomatoes on sale for 59 cents a pound and could not resist them. I bought twenty one pounds. I should have bought more. This is what twenty one pounds of tomatoes look like. I decided I would make Fresh Spicy Marinara […]