Cooking It Cute

Don't just cook it, cook it cute!

The Gin Plummet

        This drink came to me after canning with my sister. My sister loves canning, she has been doing this for a few years. She came over to my house when tomatoes were in season this fall to share her love of canning with me. I went to the vegetable store to […]

CPS Butter Cookies

Today I have a cookie recipe to share with you. I made a double batch of these yesterday and brought them to a backyard bond fire and watched them disappear. Everyone will love these if you make them. Those of you who attended the Chicago Public Schools  (CPS) will remember these as the butter cookies […]

Vintage Cornmeal Crescents

I have been making these Vintage Cornmeal Crescents since my daughter was a little girl.  We have made them together many times over the years, now she is grown and has a kitchen of her own. Each time I make these it reminds me of her.  After I made these today my daughter and her […]

Let’s cook together.

I love cooking and baking for my family and friends. I love making food from scratch. Good food. Good tasting, good looking and good for you kind of food. I’m starting this blog to share my love of cooking and entertaining with you.